I make sure that your invoices are paid.

KITTY, Digital Financial Assistant

Never think about debtor management again

I take over your debtor management for you. Link me to your accounting system so that I can ensure that your debtors pay faster.

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I pursue your debtors in a friendly manner

I send your debtors friendly reminders and find personal contact where necessary. I make sure that unpaid invoices are paid.

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I do not distrub you if it is not necessary

I manage and collect your outstanding invoices completely. If a debtor does not agree with an invoice, I will send you a message that you can quickly and easily respond to. This way I make sure that you never have to worry about debtor management again.

I provide you with valuable statistics

You can follow my achievements via your personal page. Here you can see how many invoices are paid on time, the average number of days that are paid late and the development of these statistics.

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I am strict but just

All my communication is based on a long-term cooperation between you and your debtors. I respect the relationship that you have with your customers. Approaching customers openly and in a friendly manner yields the highest return.

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